My experience as a GP in the NHS has shown me day after day how our modern lifestyles contribute to chronic illnesses and stress, both in work and at home.  I regularly sign people off sick with work related stress, and I believe much of this stress could be reduced or prevented using evidence based lifestyle medicine principles. 

My training as a GP and lifestyle medicine doctor has given me valuable knowledge and experience that I will pass on via my workshops on stress management and lifestyle medicine. 

Workshops can be delivered either face to face in an office setting or online.  The workshops are interactive with a number of exercises throughout leaving participants with a practical toolbox of free strategies to improve their health and wellbeing, and help prevent absenteeism and presenteeism.


Stress Management and Lifestyle Medicine

Expect to learn:

  1. What stress is 
  2. What happens in the body during our stress response
  3. The possible health complications of long term stress
  4. What lifestyle medicine is and how it can be used to prevent and reverse stress and illness
  5. Key facts around nutrition, physical activity, sleep and relaxation and their importance in reducing the stress response and disease
  6. Practical and useful evidence based approaches to use in your life each day to dramatically improve your wellness with no equipment, subscriptions or expenses required


Deep Dive: Sleep & Habit Forming

Expect to learn:

  1. The science of sleep
  2. What happens to our health when we don’t get enough sleep
  3. What affects our sleep and what we can do to improve our sleep
  4. The psychology of habits
  5. How to create new habits and stick to them


Deep Dive: Food for Health

Expect to learn:

  1. What is the best diet for physical and mental health
  2. Why gut health is so important for our health
  3. Diet myth busting
  4. How our food choices affect our thoughts and actions
  5. How we can reverse and prevent illness using diet alone


Deep Dive: Movement for Health

Expect to learn:

  1. Movement for physical and mental health
  2. The science behind exercise
  3. How to write yourself an exercise prescription
  4. The power of exercise in preventing and reversing illness
  5. Movement snacking


Deep Dive: The Science of Happiness and Social Connection for Longevity

Expect to learn:

  1. What truly makes us happy
  2. Automatic negative thoughts and how to overcome them
  3. Happiness misconceptions
  4. How to measure your happiness
  5. The importance of social connections and how to improve them


Deep Dive Work Life Balance, Stress and the Relaxation Response

Expect your employees to learn:

  1. What the relaxation response is
  2. How to engage the relaxation response
  3. How to change your mindset to problem solve and remain positive
  4. Self-empathy and self-compassion to cope with stress
  5. How to improve your work life balance


Women’s Health

Expect your employees to learn:

  1. What is a normal menstrual cycle and how can it go wrong?
  2. Fertility and how to improve it
  3. What is menopause?
  4. How to use Lifestyle Medicine to improve menopausal symptoms
  5. Women’s health myth-busting


Men’s Health

Expect your employees to learn:

  • What is your prostate and what does it do?
  • What symptoms should you not ignore?
  • Urinary symptoms and what you can do about them
  • Learn about using Lifestyle Medicine to prevent chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and prostate cancer


As a follow on from the workshops a self-directed online course will delve deeper in to the science behind each of the lifestyle medicine principles and leave students with many more tools to take forward in their lives to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.  

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