As a follow on from a workshop, or as stand-alone self-directed learning, the Spark Your Wellbeing Course is jam packed with content to help you reduce stress and improve your health and happiness using evidence based strategies.

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Course Overview

Written and developed by Dr. Wendy Killin, a practising NHS GP, this 6 week program completed in your own time will empower you to take control of your health. 

Each week features videos, written information and downloadable take home tips, along with signposting to useful resources to read more around each subject if you wish. There will be optional weekly exercises to do to implement your learning and start you on your journey to improving your health. 

By signing up to the course you will be eligible to join a private Facebook group to discuss your learning with other students and the course creator, Dr Wendy Killin.

The course is designed to take 1 hour each week for 6 weeks but can be completed in your own time at your own pace.  You will have lifetime access.

Week 1:

Stress Response

  • Learn what stress is
  • Learn how your body reacts to stress and the long term health problems associated with too much stress
  • Measure your current stress levels 
  • Learn how to identify the stress response in your own body and the physical effects and behaviours associated with it

Week 2:

Relaxation Response Part 1

  • Learn what the relaxation response is 
  • Learn how to engage the relaxation response in your own body
  • Learn how to use meditation, gratitude, positive affirmations and breathing techniques to reduce stress

Week 3:

Relaxation Response Part 2  

Add to and expand on your learning from Week 2 with new meditation techniques

  • Learn about our in-built negativity bias and types of negative thinking
  • Learn techniques to change your mindset to problem solve and remain positive in your thinking
  • Learn how to improve your self-compassion and self-empathy in stressful situations

Week 4:

Lifestyle Medicine Part 1

  • Learn about the principles of Lifestyle Medicine 
  • Learn about the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine with a focus on nutrition and exercise
  • Learn about how, when and what to eat to reduce your stress response and improve your health
  • Learn about the benefits of physical activity on your mental and physical health

Week 5:

Lifestyle Medicine Part 2

  • Learn about the importance of sleep and ways to improve your quantity and quality of sleep
  • Learn about the types of social connections we have and how they improve our longevity and health

Week 6:


  • Learn about the science of happiness and what truly makes us happy
  • Learn how to improve your happiness 
  • Consider a digital detox and how to do this 
  • Discover ways to turn your learning into new habits

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