6 pillars of lifestyle medicine

Physical activity and excercise

Diet and nutrition


Stress reduction and mental health

Avoiding risky substances

Healthy relationships

Focusing on, and making improvements in these areas using scientifically proven methods can have incredible results and help to improve health and prevent illness.

My friends and colleagues often say to me “how do you fit everything in?,” “you’re always going at 100 miles per hour,” “where do you get the energy?” – I honestly believe that the answers to these questions are in the changes I’ve made in my own life from my study of Lifestyle Medicine. 

These changes started small, initially I started listening to more health related podcasts for ideas, I started spending more time in nature and tried to walk most places.  My husband and I decided to become primarily plant based – with the occasional chocolate or cake! We are trying to raise our ham sandwich loving boys to be the same but this is proving tricky and is a work in progress! 

More recently I’ve been studying meditation and have found a new sense of calm in my day by practising regularly.  It’s been such a welcome addition to my daily routine. 

In my busy GP practice I have been doing workshops and wellness sessions with my staff.  They tell me this short window in their week is something they always look forward to and afterwards they report they feel less stressed, more focused and more productive, so much so that they don’t like me taking annual leave because they miss these chances to learn tips and tricks that they can use in their own lives! 

From my studies, my successes with patients and my own personal experiences I firmly believe that Lifestyle Medicine and the implementation of its principles will help you improve your wellbeing and live a happier, more vibrant life with minimal stress and illness.

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